Screenshot of the 'abego Extensions' web page
abego Extensions is a collection of extensions for TiddlyWiki, the "All-In-One-File" WikiWiki system.

The collection includes plugins like "ForEachTiddler", "YourSearch", "IntelliTagger" and many more. [link]

Screenshot of the 'RegExpCalculator' web page
With the abego RegExpCalculator you can interactively test your regular expressions.

No installation is required, you can use this tool directly from within your browser. [link]

Screenshot of the 'Where is...' application
Where is ... is a visual tool for fast searches in text files.

It is especially designed for software developers that frequently have to look up words in source files (C, C++, Basic, Java, JavaScript, ...). But it is also very useful when searching in any other kind of text file. [link]