SettingsPlugin released

SettingsPlugin, an extension for TiddlyWiki, is released.

Manage your option settings' scope: keep settings private to a TiddlyWiki or share them with other TiddlyWikis.

By default the settings that you can change in the options panel and the AdvancedOptions are shared by all TiddlyWikis of the same site.

This also means that all your local TiddlyWikis share the same settings. This is not always what you want, especially when you are working with multiple local TiddlyWikis at once.

The SettingsPlugin allows you to decide "per setting" if a setting should be shared by all TiddlyWikis or if a setting should be "private" to a given TiddlyWiki. Alternatively you may also decide that all settings should be private to a given TiddlyWiki.

You can get the plugin from

Udo Borkowski - abego Software, 2006-04-04